Frequently Asked Questions

1. "How often is practice?"  Practices are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at Northwood High School, 310 Northwood High School Road, Pittsboro.

2."When is practice?" Practice begins promptly at 5:30 p.m. (please be on time; we get started right away so we can be all done by 7 p.m., and so we can't wait for stragglers!)

3.  "What should I bring to practice?"  Athletes should bring appropriate running attire. This means good, well-fitted training shoes, preferably purchased from a running store (Bull City Running, Fleet Feet) where they can look at your stride and your feet and get you the right shoe. Athletes should also bring a full water bottle.

4. "What kind of meets does the team compete in?" On weekends, usually every other Saturday beginning in late April or early May, we compete in a variety of invitational meets around North Carolina. Some of these are quite large and competitive with more than 1,000 athletes, and some are considerably smaller. The first peak of our track season is mid-to-late June, when the North Carolina USATF championship meet occurs. Athletes who do well enough at the state meet qualify for the regional USATF championships (District 13, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina) in early July. And those who do well enough at regionals may, if they choose, go on to the USATF national championships in late July. But there are many other options other than the USATF championship series -- there's AAU's own championship series, and there are invitational meets in June and July that are often just as competitive as the USATF/AAU meets, and sometimes more competitive. In consultation with you and your athletes, the coaches will help you to figure out what meets make the most sense and would be the most fun for your child.

5. "Do we have to go to EVERY meet on your list?" NO!! Our club has identified some of the meets as "official club meets," which means the club will pay all athlete entry fees and guarantee that our coaching staff will be on hand to coach everyone throughout the meet. Also on the list, you'll see other meets that are not marked official. These are meets we think are worthwhile, and if your athlete wanted to compete we would help them get set up and prepared -- but we can't guarantee there will be a coach there. (That said, one or more of our coaches are usually present at those other meets, and we'll let you know that beforehand.)

6. "How do I register?"  Go to the registration page. You'll need your athlete's USATF membership number (see #7 below), and scans (photos or PDFs) of your athlete's birth certificate and current physical form (filled out by a physician) clearing them for athletics (see #9 below). Very soon we'll be able to take payment of registration fees through that page also.

7.  "Why does my child need a USATF number?"  In order to participate in USATF-sanctioned practices, meets, and to have USATF recognize performances (times, distances, etc), your child has to be a member of USATF. Most importantly, they're not covered at our practices under our USATF insurance policy unless they're members. To get a USATF membership, please go to and follow the instructions. IMPORTANT: if you're signing up for the first time, you'll be asked what club you wish to affiliate with. There's a drop down menu, and you'll find Circle City Athletics Club (the parent of Circle City Stars) at the very bottom of the list. For reference, our club # is 13-1100PLEASE make sure to attach to Circle City, so we can manage their meet entries and their official documentation, forms, etc. 

8. "What if my child is a member of USATF, but affiliated with another club?" In order to switch your affiliation to Circle City, you'll have to send a quick email to requesting the switch. You should mention the club you were a member of (and if you know it, their club #), and specifically ask to have your affiliation switched to Circle City Athletics Club, club # 13-1100.  After that, the switch takes less than a week.

9. "What is this physical form you keep talking about?"  A physician needs to certify, within the last 12 months, that your athlete is healthy enough to participate in athletics. Most people use the standard NCHSAA form, which you can in printable form here: . Make sure to get both sides filled out! Sometimes doctors have their own forms for this purpose, and those are fine too.

10. "I'm not interested in track, but cross country intrigues me. When does that start?Officially, the team will begin cross country practice in late August or early September. Some of our athletes will be informally training for cross country during the summer, after track season has ended and they've had a little time to rest up and chill out. If you'd like to join those informal summer training sessions, we can help you get together with those athletes.

11. "What if I have a question that's not answered here?"  Please contact one of the coaches. If you haven't yet joined the team, you can contact us through the contact form listed under "About". If you're already a member, you should have our emails and phone numbers.