Duncan Murrell is a USATF Level One track and field coach and a USATF Level Two Endurance coach. He has worked with or been taught by Olympic coaches and prominent national team coaches, and has coached several all-Americans. He has experience coaching middle distance, distance, cross country, and sprints at both the club and high school levels. In a previous life on the track he was a specialist in middle distance, was a member of two state champion cross country teams, and was a two-time state finalist in track. He is also a head coach of the Chatham Central High School track and field team, and was named the 2018 Central Tar Heel Athletic Conference Men's Track and Field Coach of the Year.


Taylor Poitras enjoys running with her kids, has been a recreational runner, has competed in distance races, has coached for 23 years at several levels (lacrosse, soccer, runner, swimming, to name a few) and has taught school for 9 years. She's most interested in helping kids to find strengths in their athletic pursuits and to associate exercise with fun and a supportive community. 


Coach Ross has been a state champion high school jumper and one of the best sprinters in the state. He is an experienced coach and has studied coaching with some of the best sprint coaches in the country. He has coached club track and helped to develop some great sprinters, both as athletes and human beings.



David Yell has always enjoyed sports and being a part of and fostering teams. He has been coaching youth sports for over 12 years and began learning more about and helping to coach track and cross country when his two daughters started competing 3 years ago. He loves spending time outdoors and views running as a wonderful lifelong pursuit.